I.M. Colombian Emeralds
From Import Managers


Colombian emeralds are the purest, most beautiful and luxuriant emeralds in the world.  Only deep in the Andes of Colombia exist the geological forces of nature and mineral composition required to crystallize the dreamy green perfection of Colombian emeralds.  My mission is to find the best commercial grade Colombian emeralds at the lowest wholesale prices and offer them globally priced for quick sale.

Almost all the other emerald stores tell you they buy directly from the mines and that's how they pass the savings on to you. I'll tell you - in a diplomatic spirit - that is a ruse since all the stones in Colombia are cut and polished in Bogotá.  It's better to buy in lots from the young and hungry sales people who represent the owners in Bogotá since they know the market better and aren't as egotistical as the owners.  A typical owner thinks it's below them to negotiate and accomodate on price.

Even if true, they may buy rough from the mines but they still have to take that rough to Bogotá or the US or Europe or Asia to have it cut and polished. No one buys cut and polished stones from the mines. We're all at the mercy of the cut and polished emerald markets of Bogotá, US, Europe, etc.

When I was laid-off off from my last corporate job I decided it was time to pursue my passion.  I spent decades studying, traveling, and doing business throughout Latin America.  I'm an experienced negotiator and move seamlessly throughout Latin business culture.  With my contacts at the legal wholesale Commercial Houses (Comercializadores Internacionales) and my Latin America business and negotiating skills, I buy in lots at the lowest wholesale prices and offer them at great values to gem buyers worldwide.

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